Spoiler alert:  we can all benefit from coaching. 

Whether you are contemplating a change, preparing to give veganism a go, or working to maintain your commitment I am here to offer advice, expertise, and support.


coaching Services

  • In-person, remote, individual and group sessions are available.

  • The first step is contacting me to arrange your initial free consult.

  • From that conversation, we will decide together on the best plan of action.

  • Typically, I meet with clients three times over a period of one month.

  • Cost is variable and dependent upon your circumstances.

meal planning and Support

  • Busy? Overworked? Tired AF? Let me help you to plan your meals for the week.

  • We can collaborate at a level that is helpful to make tasty options accessible!



  • Along with other colleagues from the movement, I offer classes a few times each year.

  • For more information on these group opportunities subscribe to my newsletter.


speaking engagements

  • Have a group that would benefit from learning more about vegan living?

  • Send me an email or give me a call. Let's talk!

Restaurant consultation

  • I offer expertise for local businesses working to improve and communicate vegan options.

“To know even one life breathed easier because you lived.
This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson